For The Whole Envelope

We manufacture waterproofing systems that are designed to handle the different applications needed for the entire building envelope

By Contractors, For Contractors

Our products have been uniquely designed for the waterproofing profession. Designed by former contractors themselves, the founders take great pride in providing systems that are both durable and recommended by architects and contractors nationwide.

Passing the Test of Time

Time is on our side. We have been in business for more than 20 years. Check out our products and see why our customers stick with us.

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Deck Coatings

We offer a full range of deck coatings for the commercial and residential construction industry. Our popular range includes our Elasto Fiberdeck system (an elastomeric waterproofing system), our “Maintenance Free” Forevercoat System and our solvent-free Vehicular grade Polyurethane 600 series deck coating waterproofing systems. Our deck waterproofing systems are suitable for most applications including: patios, courtyards, walkways and parking structures. Our solutions serve as a perfect waterproof deck coating for plywood or concrete substrates.We include best of class deck waterproofing materials and heavy duty deck waterproofing membranes making our deck coatings one of the best deck waterproofing products in terms of durability, low maintenance and worry free service. In addition to making excellent products, our staff is also comprised of deck waterproofing experts, offering on-demand technical support. Learn more.

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Below Grade Waterproofing

AVM offers several below-grade waterproofing solutions. From simple planters and basement walls to tunnels, roof gardens, between-slab waterproofing and tanked systems (waterproofing below the water table) AVM Industries has the right below grade waterproofing solution for your needs. Our advanced technologies allow our systems to withstand sea water, be applied on green concrete, offer “fast curing” options and even have a special below-grade “patch” material for fast economical preparation. These are low-VOC, environmentally friendly, easy to apply versatile products.Learn more.

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Below Tile Waterproofing

AVM Industries offers two exceptional tile waterproofing systems each offering unique characteristics. A non-breathable non-reinforced easy to install liquid rubber membrane for continuously wet environments (bathrooms, kitchens, ponds, etc) and a super heavy duty fully reinforced, breathable tile waterproofing membrane for the most demanding exterior tile waterproofing applications (used as a “Primary Membrane” over living spaces). In addition, both membranes come with the optional “Protective Coating” allowing traffic on the membrane during construction. (in some cases, you can even drive tractors on the membrane). Also, AVM Industries offers a full line of thin-sets, mortars, leveling, sloping and other related items supporting our full line of tile waterproofing products.

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Roof Coatings for Maintenance and Waterproofing

Skyroof 880 is a premium polyurethane roof coating for the ultimate solution in roof maintenance. The low VOC roof coating meets the needs of roofing companies looking for a roof coating that can be spray applied to extend the life of a roof. The benefits of using our polyurethane roof coating include energy efficiency, no ponding water, and it is cold-fluid applied.

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Tile Waterproofing for Bathrooms

We also offer our System 750 as the ultimate waterproofing system for bathroom tile waterproofing.
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