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Are you in need of specifications or technical support for a waterproofing  application? Not sure what waterproofing system to use? Need help with  bidding a waterproofing job?

If your waterproofing solutions and specification needs must be solved fast, accurately and affordably then you should consider AVM Industries for your waterproofing needs.

AVM Industries is one of the nation's leading manufacturing experts in waterproofing systems and solutions, providing the  highest quality products, and offering comprehensive support services to specifiers, architects, and contractors in a wide  range of waterproofing applications who expect reliable robust waterproofing solutions.

Available nationwide since 1998 for a reason.

Use our easy to use website to find the information and products you need for your projects.  It's as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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Deck Coatings

ICC ESR-2125. LARR 25430

We offer a full range of deck coatings for the commercial and residential construction industry. Our popular range includes our Elasto Fiberdeck system, our "Maintenance Free" Forevercoat System and our solvent-free Vehicular grade Plyurethane 600 series deck coating waterproofing systems. Our deck waterproofing systems are suitable for most applications including: patios,  courtyards, walkways and parking structures. We include best of class deck waterproofing materials and heavy duty deck  waterproofing membranes making our deck coatings one of the best deck waterproofing products in terms of durability, low  maintenance and worry free service. In addition to making excellent products, our staff is also comprised of deck waterproofing  experts, offering on-demand technical support.

Decorative Coatings

Concrete Decorative Coatings are increasingly popular within the concrete and commercial flooring industry and important to  include in your specifications for residential and commercial flooring applications. AVM Industries offers several products suitable  for these types of applications including stamped concrete overlays, decorative textured coatings and thin micro topping systems to add more of an aesthetic feel to residential back yards, commercial floors, restaurants, etc. These systems are beautiful and  offer a wide range of colors, patterns and designs.

Sealers & Primers

AVM offers a wide range of concrete sealers and primers for a wide range of application requirements. From standard contractor grade to Heavy-duty, we can offer Primers and sealers solutions to meet any job conditions. Technologies include water-based,  solvent based and epoxies. These products are low or zero VOC's and all meet Southern California's AQMD regulations.

Below Grade Waterproofing (ICC ESR-2503, LARR 25550)

AVM offers several below-grade waterproofing solutions. From simple planters and basement walls to tunnels, roof gardens,  between-slab waterproofing and tanked systems (waterproofing below the water table) AVM Industries has the right below grade  waterproofing solution for your needs. Our advanced technologies allow our systems to withstand sea water, be applied on green  concrete, offer "fast curing" options and even have a special below-grade "patch" material for fast economical preparation. These  are low-VOC, environmentally friendly, easy to apply versatile products.


Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) ID #1188-0001

AVM offers a wide range of products for waterproofing roofs. Whether installing a green roof, a traffic bearing roof (sun-decks,  plaza decks) or re-waterproofing existing roofs, including a white, highly reflective coating, we have the right products for you.  Our newest system is our AVM Sky Roof Coating 880 is a Zero VOC highly reflective water-based polyurethane waterproofing  membrane designed for waterproofing or re-coating new and existing roofs. AVM Sky Roof Coating 880 is an innovative, heavy  duty waterproofing membrane offering excellent adhesion properties to a wide variety of substrates such as, Single-Ply and  Built- Up Modified Roofing Systems, Cap Sheet, Metal and Concrete Roofs. It's offered in 3 levels of protection - Sealer Coat,  Single membrane and the extra heavy duty "Double Membrane' option.

Tile Waterproofing

ICC ESR-2662, LARR 25431, ICC ESR-3450, ICC PMG-3450, ANSI A 118.10

AVM Industries offers two exceptional tile waterproofing systems each offering unique characteristics. A non-breathable  non- reinforced easy to install liquid rubber membrane for continuously wet environments (bathrooms, kitchens, ponds, etc) and a  super heavy duty fully reinforced, breathable tile waterproofing membrane for the most demanding exterior tile waterproofing  applications. (used as a "Primary Membrane" over living spaces) In addition, both membranes come with the optional "Protective  Coating" allowing traffic on the membrane during construction. (in some cases, you can even drive tractors on the membrane). In  addition, AVM Industries offers a full line of thin-sets, mortars, leveling, sloping and other related items supporting our full line of  tile waterproofing products.

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We take a vested interest in all projects using our designated deck coating, below grade, retaining wall, tile waterproofing, roof  coating and roofing systems to prevent water intrusion. The three main pillars of our company are durability, innovation, and  service. Our systems are durable and meet the highest certification requirements, including those set by the International Code  Council (ICC) and Los Angeles Research Reports (LARR). In Addition, our products meet rigid environmental requirements  (including Southern California's AQMD) and our products contain low or zero VOC's. Via the use of our versatile and innovative  line of products, we have been able to help architects, builders, and subcontractors meet the most demanding waterproofing  requirements of most projects.

We sell Waterproofing Products, but we give SERVICE

Although we are a manufacturer of waterproofing products, an aspect of our business that our customers appreciate the most is our approachability and knowledge in the area of waterproofing. Every day from 8 AM-5 PM, we handle hundreds of requests via email, phone, and fax. Our average response time is less than one hour... For our entire company. Many factors affect a good waterproofing installation, which is why we make ourselves available in order to spend time with our customers and make sure that we are putting them on the right path towards proper product selection, proper details, comprehensive architectural specifications and good execution.

Amir Rudyan, the president of AVM industries Inc., has always held the belief that our customers appreciate that their questions and concerns are sometimes elevated and answered by the leadership of the company and our salespeople really know our product. This is why sometimes we like to consider ourselves as business partners to the waterproofing community as we answer and commit to the more complex topics related to waterproofing and our line of products.

Providing customized solutions with the highest quality materials for your waterproofing needs

We continuously test our products to make sure that our waterproofing systems provide a best in class level of performance and durability. We test our products onsite daily with our laboratory and testing team to ensure quality control. We test at every phase of production to make sure we deliver premium products to our customers.

All that we do is WATERPROOFING products

There is something to be said about the many manufacturers and distributors that dabble into every possible ancillary product category in the construction industry. Often times, they do so without any knowledge of the complexities and challenges within the waterproofing industry. Countless publications and sources have stated that around 90% of all construction related litigations are related to water intrusion. The same sources have estimated that only 1.5% of construction project budgets are allocated towards the waterproofing of the subject project. These estimates bring to light that waterproofing should be of focus and priority for a products manufacturer in this space. As opposed to being the jack of all trades, we aspire to be the master and thought leader in our field. We provide important education to architects via the AIA continuing education program, and we work hand-in-hand with many architects and specifiers on their construction specifications as requested. Furthermore, we have an extensive library of technical documents, builder specification sheets, details and many other technical documents.

A Waterproofing installation typically has one of two outcomes. It's either waterproofed or its not. Significant water damage is typically the result when its not. Or, as most experts will tell you, "its cheaper to do it right the first time"!