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Aussie Gas-Lock 420h

Aussie Gas-Lock 420

Aussie Gas-Lock 420 is a Hi-Performance 2-component fluid applied epoxy coating. This product has been specifically designed to block the intrusion of moisture, methane gas, and volatile organic compounds. 100% reactive solids, no solvents, no plasticizers, no fillers and zero VOC Emissions.

ICC ESR-5398L.A. RR #26218County of L.A. Approval


Aussie Gas-Lock 420 Epoxy Two-Component

Aussie Gas-Lock 420

Epoxy Two-Component



Aussie Gas-Lock 420

0420-0100 – Slab on Grade with Aliphatic Topcoat (DWG) (PDF)
0420-0110 – Slab on Grade with Adhered Flooring (DWG) (PDF)
0420-0120 – Slab on Grade with Floating Flooring (DWG) (PDF)
0420-0130 – Slab on Grade with Tile Flooring (DWG) (PDF)