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AVM System 620V

Hybrid, Aliphatic, Polyurea Deck Coating System

The AVM System 620V, pedestrian deck coating system is an easy to install, liquid applied, abrasion resistant, low VOC, Polyurethane waterproof system suitable for surfaces subject to pedestrian traffic. The AVM System 620-AL is a monolithic chemical resistant pedestrian deck coating system that can withstand heavy thermal cycling. This elastomeric system is designed to expand and contract with normal structural movements and protect the surfaces against spalling, freeze/thaw damage, and chemicals commonly encountered on pedestrian decks. Installed and maintained properly, the AVM System 620 pedestrian deck system will provide years of service.

System Components

Aussie Membrane 520 aussie 520 bucket

Aussie Membrane 520

4.75 Gal Bucket

Polyurethane waterproofing membrane

Top Coat 620 AL Hybrid, Aliphatic, Polyurea Waterproofing Membrane Topcoat

Top Coat 620 AL

Hybrid, Aliphatic, Polyurea Waterproofing Membrane Topcoat

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Primer 401

Two-Component, Solvent-Based, Epoxy-Polyamine Primer

Optional Components



0620 – View-ALL (PDF)
0620V.1100 – Vehicular – Concrete Wall_Slab Joint – 5 Year System (DWG) (PDF)
0620V.1300 – Vehicular – Drain Assembly – 5 Year System (DWG) (PDF)
0620V.4002 -Vehicular – Typical Assembly Over Concrete – 5 Year System (DWG) (PDF)
0620V.4004 -Vehicular – Typical Assembly for Extra Slip Resistance – 5 Year System (DWG) (PDF)
0620V.4005 -Vehicular – Typical Assembly 75 Mil – 10 Year System (DWG) (PDF)