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Aussie Mate 580-PL

Bituminous Sheet Membrane

The Aussie Mate 580-PL is a heavy duty, 60 mil below-grade bituminous sheet waterproofing membrane polyolefin carrier sheet. VM Aussie Mate 580-PL exhibits excellent adhesion, elongation and recovery properties and is U.V. stable up to 30 days.

ICC ESR-5396L.A. RR#26138


AVM Mat 570 Spunbonded Polyester Mat

AVM Mat 570

360 Yards long x 48” Wide

Spunbonded Polyester Mat

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Aussie Mate 580-PL

Aussie Sealant M Marine Grade Polyether Sealant/Adhesive

Aussie Sealant M

12 tubes per case

Marine Grade Sealant/Adhesive Polyether Technology

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AVM Primer 580-SB-HV

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AVM Primer 580-SB-LV

Drain Board 6000/6020 Prefabricated HDPE Drainage Composite

Drain Board 6000/6020

4'x50' | 8’x50’

Provides protection and drainage management





0580-AL_580-PL – View-ALL (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-0001 – Backfilled Wall Vertical Overview (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-0002 – Backfilled Wall on Footing with Vapor Barrier (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-0004 – Transition to Vapor Barrier, Backfilled Wall Flush Footing (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-0006 – Transition to Aussie Skin Underslab, Flush Footing (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-0102 – Elevator Pit Transition to Aussie Skin, Extended Footing (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-0104 – Elevator Pit Transition to Aussie Skin, Flush Footing (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-1102 – O1 Deck to Wall Transition, ISO (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-1104 – O2 Deck to Wall Transition (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-1106 – Split Slab Assembly (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-1108 – Split Slab Edge Termination (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-1200- Control Joint (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-1504 – Deck Drain-Flush (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-1506 – Deck Drain with Inspection Cover (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-1508 – Split Slab Two-Stage Drain (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-6002 – Planter Terminations (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-6004 – Sidewalk Termination (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-6006 – Backfilled Wall Terminations (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-6502 – Typical Wall Penetration (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-6504 – Cored Wall Penetration (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-6505 – Sleeved Wall Penetration (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-6506 – Penetration Target Patch Sheet (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-6510 – Multiple Pipe Penetration (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-6512 – Deck Pipe Penetration (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-7004 – Lapping-Detail (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-7006 – Outside Corner (DWG) (PDF)
0580-AL_0580-PL-7008 – Inside Corner (DWG) (PDF)