Must Read: 550 Aussie Skin Case Study, Ontario, Canada

Aussie Skin Installed upon building foundation

5 Floors of Waterproofing

AVM Aussie Skin 550 is a 75 mil thick product and with the unstable substrate being what it was, the membrane was certainly right!

Snowed in construction site protected with  Aussie Skin Installation

Installed in -10°F (-30°C)

This membrane can be heat welded in cold temperatures and designed to handle UV exposure.

Two men on fork lift installing Aussie Clay Dual Layer Installation

Installed 10,000 ft² per day with only 4 people

Bothwell Accurate was able to install thousands of square feet of Aussie Skin in extreme cold and wet weather per day.  This is because Aussie Skin is uniquely available in both 2 meter and 1 meter wide rolls.  The 2 meter wide rolls greatly reduces the time of install and the number of seams on a project!

 Aussie Skin Installed on site

So Successful the Product is Specified on Phase 3

Raymond Haffar, Assistant Project Manager, stated, “I am so happy we don’t have to use torches to seam the sheets together.” In the end, Aussie Skin 550 was paramount in not causing any delays to the waterproofing schedule and its unique granola surface allowed the product to be installed in extremely cold weather.

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