Leader In Methane & VOC Tech

AVM Industries is proud to announce that we are leading the way. Results are in and we are officially the industry leader in Methane, VOC and Radon technologies.

We are the first to utilize standardized ASTM testing to document our industry leading results. Aussie Mate® 580 AL and Aussie Skin® 560G provide the lowest publicly available diffusion rates as per ASTM E96/96M-16 in the industry.

AVM Industries strives to provide the highest quality solutions and exceed your expectations of service on every project. This is why we continue to invest heavily in researching and developing the best waterproofing systems under the most stringent regulations.

Aussie Mate 580-AL®

(US Patent No. 10,870,982)

Available in both 60 mils and 80 mils, these products provide the lowest Methane and VOC results in the industry.*

AVM Aussie Mate 580-AL exhibits excellent adhesion, elongation and recovery properties. Unlike other sheet membranes, AVM Aussie Mate 580-AL can be exposed to U.V. for up to 180 days.

*According to ASTM E96


AussieSkin 560G®

Patent pending, Aussie Skin 560G has a total thickness of over 110 mils and incorporates an industry leading 80 mils thick, fully bonded HDPE. This product provides the industry’s only fully bonded waterproofing that has been approved as a Methane and VOC barrier.

Designed for use behind both cast-in-place and shotcrete, AVM offers 15 year no dollar limit warranties when installed by a certified applicator and inspected by a certified third party.

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Why settle when you can choose a superior system?

AVM Industries uniquely offers solutions for all of your waterproofing and Methane/VOC/Radon needs. From Below Grade to Decks, Pedestrian Coatings, Vehicular Coatings, and Chemical Grouts, we got you covered.

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