Patent Issued | AVM’s Dual Layered Waterproofing System

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AVM Industries is proud to announce its issuance of U.S. Patent #11,142,880 for our unique dual-layer approach to waterproofing. The combination of bentonite geotextile and fully bonded HDPE results in two of the industry’s best but very different waterproofing system approaches.  AVM’s Aussie Clay 590bentonite geotextile and both our Aussie Skin 550G or Aussie Skin 560G fully adhered HDPE sheet membranes is sequenced in a fashion that enhances each system to perform at the highest level.

With millions of square feet successfully installed, AVM’s Dual Layer system combines the advantages of both approaches while avoiding the risks associated with using each system independently.  The key and the basis for the patent is the way the systems are ordered.

To date, manufacturers have often ordered the material so that the bentonite layer is against the concrete. Unfortunately, shotcrete oftentimes has large voids negating the value of an expansive material.  As a solution, we at AVM install our Aussie Clay 590 against the earth retention system (e.g., wood lagging, shotcrete, etc.). This layer provides a better substrate for the second layer.  It also enhances the system by creating an active/expansive waterproofing barrier that fills in voids and self-seals around penetrated and damaged areas.  Then, our most robust waterproofing membranes, Aussie Skin 550G & Aussie Skin 560G, are installed over the top to protect the Aussie Clay 590 from inclement weather and provide a fully bonded heavy-duty HDPE layer (50-80 mils) on the positive side of the placed concrete.

By combining these two very different materials, you have the best of both worlds — a fully adhered system that prevents the passage of water migration, and an active layer that has self-healing and sealing capability in the event of damage to either membrane. Furthermore, sequencing the materials in this order allows the bentonite to perform to its fullest — because the thick, robust HDPE layer spans all the voids in the shotcrete or cast-in-place concrete.

There is no other system in the industry that can install as quickly and still provide protection for both cast-in-place concrete and shotcrete.  In addition, AVM offers standard 15 years, No Dollar Limit warrantieswhen installed, utilizing our Aussie Guard Quality Assurance Program.  This warranty can be extended to a full 20 years when combined with our Hot Rubber or unique Polyurethane podium solutions.

Please contact AVM directly for any upcoming projects where our assistance can be used.  Our team will be glad to provide project-specific advice and details.

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