Introducing Tie Back Covers: AVM’s Revolutionary Solution

AVM Industries is excited to announce the debut of our Patent Pending Tie Back Covers that include a simple solution for adding injection tubes for those high risk projects. Many in the industry have experienced how difficult it is to make a tie-back waterproof. The challenges are made even more difficult when projects utilize shotcrete. It is not uncommon to have dense layers of rebar surrounding tiebacks and this creates substantial voids immediately around the tiebacks. AVM’s revolutionary solution is to create grooves that allow for the quick and easy installation of injection tubes. If a leak results from poor consolidation or damage to a detail the tubes are perfectly located to allow for quick and easy injection of our standard hydrophilic grouts.

Each AVM Tie Back Cover is made of a thick, solid plastic designed to withstand high pressured shotcrete and long exposures to UV light. In addition, each cover has groves built into the covers that not only allow for a quick and easy installation of injection tubes but also insure the tubes are not damaged or blown off during the shotcrete application.

Once installed the tubes can be easily injected in the case there is a leak. Finally, the covers are available in three sizes: 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches. Waterproofing is notoriously difficult to get perfect and tiebacks are some of the most challenging locations on a project.

Heavy Duty Plastic Tie-Back Cover

AVM’s Patent Pending Tie Back Covers are uniquely able to reduce risk and do so without adding significant cost to a project.

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