Meet Our New Products: AVM Aussie Skin® Dual Layer System & AVM Aussie Clay 590

Two men on lift applying AVM product to wall

AVM Aussie Skin® Dual Layer System

Shotcrete applications in the water table are notoriously difficult to make watertight.  Shotcrete often requires hundreds of penetrations to secure the rebar cage and during installation, the process of placing shotcrete can be very aggressive.  For this reason, AVM has pioneered a patent pending system that utilizes both an active layer of Bentonite Waterproofing and our updated patent-pending Aussie Skin 550G

Aussie Clay 590 is capable of swelling up to 15 times its original size and when Aussie Skin 550G is installed over Aussie Clay 590, the installed system incorporates all of the benefits of an active self-sealing product and a fully bonded product into one warranted system.  Once installed per AVM requirements by an approved applicator and inspected by a certified third party inspector, this system is eligible for our Aussie Guard Quality Assurance program and 15 year No Dollar Limit warranty.

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Partial Wall ready for AVM Product

AVM Aussie Clay 590

The AVM Aussie Clay is a heavy-duty high strength Bentonite Composite Sheet Waterproofing Membrane consisting of needle punched woven and non-woven geotextile fabrics encapsulating a thick layer of active sodium bentonite between them. AVM Aussie Clay is designed for below-grade vertical and horizontal structural foundation surfaces. 

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